2022: A Year in Review

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After two years of feeling like the world was on hiatus, 2022 felt like a year of expansion, growth, and unparalleled opportunity. Cameron-Cole followed suit, celebrating new leadership and partnerships, and tackling new challenges. Please join us as we reflect on our achievements from the past year, as well as what we can look forward to in 2023.

Successful Start for Cameron-Cole Under ADEC Innovations

In late 2021, Cameron-Cole joined the ADEC Innovations group of companies, and a major focus in 2022 was building connections within our broad portfolio of businesses. It is crucial to build these partnerships in support of our mission to offer pure-play environmental consulting services. We look forward to continued cooperation and growth in 2023 as we work together to transform risk into positive impact and value.

The Cameron-Cole website was relaunched in April 2022, creating a resource for the market; a place visitors can find information on the impactful projects we’ve worked on, the wide scope of expertise we provide, and the diverse markets we serve.

Welcoming New Leadership

In August, ADEC Innovations named Brian Myller as President of its global professional services businesses, responsible for leading the global growth strategy across ADEC Innovations’ professional services business pillar, including Cameron-Cole.

Brian’s first blog, The Role of Diverse Data: Reflections from a Multidisciplinary ES Career, highlights his experience and musings from a long career in environmental science. His follow-up post, Environmental Science or Systems Science?, discusses the growing spectrum of data sources associated with environmental science and engineering.

Blog Highlights

Launched in Q2, the Cameron-Cole blog has become an engaging, reliable source for showcasing our expertise and services, as well as the latest industry happenings. Here are a few highlights from 2022.

  • How to Prepare for Oregon’s New Mandatory GHG Verification Requirements
    Oregon’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting rules were updated in 2020, requiring third-party verification data to be submitted beginning spring 2022. Cameron-Cole was one of the first emissions reporting verifiers accredited by Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality, helping organizations navigate the new verification process and avoid costly delays or data collection challenges.
  • Updates to Understanding Vapor Intrusion Assessment (VIA)
    Assessing potential vapor intrusion into buildings is critically important to protect people from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in indoor air, particularly at sites with a history of chemical use. This blog covers updates to the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA)’s vapor intrusion attenuation factor study, screening process, and more.
  • Brownfields Opportunities: Benefits to Investing in Contaminated Properties
    Brownfields are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a property in which expansion, redevelopment, and/or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of contaminants. There are several benefits to investing in properties classified as brownfields including facilitating job growth, increasing the tax base and decreasing pressure on undeveloped land.
  • How to Access Funding for PFAS Remediation and How to Address PFAS in Your Water Supply
    PFAS continued to be a hot topic throughout the year—and we expect conversation to increase in the coming months and beyond. These two blogs cover promising options for federal remediation funding and preparing water treatment facilities for potential legislation or litigation ahead of an upcoming EPA decision that may deem PFAS as a hazardous substance.

Latest Projects

As our expertise expands to new corners of the environmental industry, so do the scope of Cameron-Cole’s projects. Here are just a few of our 2022 accomplishments.

  • Manufactured Gas Plant Closure
    Through Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for an 8-acre parcel, our analysts discovered that a coal gasification plant had previously occupied a large portion of the property. Our efforts saved the client approximately $20 million in potential remediation costs.
  • Industrial Facility FCRA Investigation
    Cameron-Cole staff developed a detailed RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) workplan for a Montana refinery, addressing how 21 active and inactive solid waste management units (SWMUs) should be evaluated for potential contribution to contamination.
  • PFAS Assessment, Compliance, and Litigation Support Services
    After adding PFAS technical support, compliance and regulatory assistance services, Cameron-Cole began helping clients in assessing and evaluating risk, as well as testing and evaluating potential PFAS sources in soil and groundwater.
  • PFAS Technical Support Services Investigation
    Cameron-Cole was retained to provide regulatory and technical consulting services to evaluate the presence of PFAS in the vicinity of airport property owned by the municipality. Working with outside environmental counsel, the client was able to successfully limit the scope of an initial Site Investigation Section assessment and evaluate results prior to the issuance of a formal report.

Moving Forward

As we reflect on 2022, we see the light shining toward an even brighter 2023—both for Cameron-Cole and the world. Thank you to our fantastic (growing!) team, as well as our clients and communities for supporting the important work of environmental sustainability.

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Blog Author

Jerome Edwards
Jerome Edwards
A co-founder of Cameron-Cole, Jerome provides oversight of company risk management and contract administration while assisting multidisciplinary company teams that address environmental topics for governmental and industrial clients. Jerome’s expertise revolves around his remediation experience with Superfund sites, RCRA Corrective Actions, Voluntary industrial sire remediations (brownfields), RCRA permit holder support, and litigation support.

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