2023: The Year in Review

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For Cameron-Cole, 2023 was a year of growth, change, and innovation. We invite you to join us as we review and celebrate our successes and solutions.

Opening the Door to 2024

From “forever chemicals” to risk assessment and seemingly everything in between, Cameron-Cole assisted clients with a wide range of environmental and regulatory challenges in 2023. As we continue into 2024, we take a moment to enjoy our successes of the past year.

Blog Highlights

The Cameron-Cole blog remains a comprehensive resource for exploring the latest issues in the environmental regulatory industry. Here’s what we were up to in 2023.

How to Preserve Your Business Operations with Corporate Environmental Risk Strategies
Failure to comply with environmental regulations can lead to costly penalties that hinder your organization’s operations and processes. Corporate Environmental Risk Management (CERM) combines legal and financial tools with engineering and scientific services to address this risk.

Navigating Petroleum Brownfield Restoration
Restoring a petroleum brownfield—or any brownfield—requires thorough assessment, risk assessment, and remediation using mitigation techniques, cleanup, and liability management.

Remediation Strategies for PFAS
As PFAS contamination limits in water are going to be in the lower parts-per-trillion range, there is increased consideration for the treatment for PFAS in any site cleanup effort. The “forever chemicals’” resistance to breaking down requires unique remediation strategies.

Latest Projects 

At Cameron-Cole, we’re always looking for innovative, efficient ways to help our clients solve their biggest challenges. We’re proud of the progress we made in 2023 and are pleased to share a few projects that demonstrate our commitment to reshaping risk into positive impact and value. 

Site Assessments and Remedial Cleanup at Railroad Properties
Cameron-Cole leveraged our site assessment expertise at two railroad property project sites located in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado. We collected data and presented our findings to railroad regulators to facilitate the remediation process.

Predicting Performance to Determine Insurance Eligibility
A hotel with an attached outdoor plaza was determined to overlay a former gasoline station. Rather than undergoing a damaging and disruptive investigation, Cameron-Cole developed a “what-if” modeling approach to determine how projected performance would be affected by changes.

Identifying Well Locations for PFAS Plumes
A client required assistance in determining the optimal locations to install monitoring wells for PFAS plumes in groundwater. Cameron-Cole developed an iterative sampling and computer modeling approach that used our knowledge of PFAS behavior to determine the best locations for the wells.

Statistical Approach in Groundwater Contamination Case
Cameron-Cole utilized a statistical approach for certain input parameters as part of a groundwater contamination litigation defense on behalf of a client. Instead of using a customary approach that would take the most favorable outcome and backing into it with select data, we utilized all available data to create a powerful and unbiased representation.

Onward and Upward

The ever-changing regulatory environment will continue to pose challenges and opportunities into 2024 and beyond. We’re thankful to our Cameron-Cole team, partners, and clients for their continued support as we move forward into an exciting new year.


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Tim Hobbs
Tim Hobbs
Responsible for overseeing the financial responsibilities and operations of Cameron-Cole. Tim also provides oversight of program management and project administration to multidisciplinary teams.

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