As an ADEC Innovations company, Cameron-Cole is focused on advancing sustainable practices around the world. It’s our goal to improve the lives of all the people we work with, whether they are clients, partners, or colleagues.

You will work with a group of highly skilled, technical team members that are focused on doing what it takes to meet our clients' needs. Hiring at all levels of the organization, we pride ourselves on offering a robust benefits package and are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Join our team of environmental specialists and skilled consultants to advance sustainable practices around the world. Join our team of environmental specialists and skilled consultants to advance sustainable practices around the world.

Being a professional at Cameron-Cole means we never stop learning.

The increasingly complex nature of the environment in which we work requires a commitment to staying informed on regulatory developments, technological advances, business trends and innovation opportunities — while simultaneously contributing to each of these pursuits.

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"The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced health advisory levels for #PFAS as low as 4 parts-per-quadrillion, and more recently has proposed a maximum contaminant level of 4 parts-per-trillion for select PFAS compounds."

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Dustin Metz, P.G.,
Senior Geologist, Project Manager

Dustin plans and oversees subsurface investigations, remediation, and long-term monitoring projects for RCRA-permitted facilities.

Michelle Fremming,
Environmental Strategist III

Over eight years of experience in the sustainability arena specializing in data management and analysis, ratings and rankings, and sustainability initiatives.

Mallory Andrews,
Head of Verification Services

With 13 years experience, Mallory is an Accredited Lead Verifier for the CARB GHG emissions reporting and compliance offset programs with specialty accreditations…

Tyler Stewart,

Tyler has been with us for 3 years and routinely takes field samples. He has also produced numerous environmental reports for clients.

Operating with significant environmental liabilities and risks presents a constant potential for complications to arise. Don't let these dilemmas hinder your organization. Cameron-Cole's environmental experts are trained to craft solutions that reduce your risks while keeping your projects on track.