What is the National Enforcement Investigation Center?

The National Enforcement Investigation Center (NEIC) is the environmental forensics center for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) enforcement programs. Its goal is to solve the challenges raised from the implementation of the EPA’s rules and regulations.

Protecting human health and the environment by serving as EPA’s fully accredited ISO 17025 forensics laboratory, the NEIC provides multi-disciplinary expert teams who conduct field investigations to gather and evaluate evidence and perform analytical services.

NEIC has a unique role and provides a variety of analytical and specialized services, including:

  • Civil investigations, including process-based industrial facility investigations.
  • Enforcement case development and support.
  • Sampling and analysis to support investigations, including field measurements.
  • Strategic planning from a national perspective
  • Litigation support services, including:
    • Consultation
    • Expert Reports
    • Testimony
  • Specialized laboratory support services, including targeted and non-targeted per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
  • Criminial investigations, including:
    • Initial Case Development
    • Field Forensic Development
    • Laboratory Forensic Support
    • Litigation Support

In supporting complex criminal and civil enforcement investigations, NEIC conducts research and development to uphold the scientific tools and applications for its enforcement programs through innovative techniques, practices and procedures.


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