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John Bondurant

Executive Vice President

John leads environmental due diligence services for property redevelopment, brownfields, and commercial property transactions.

John is an experienced manager of subsurface investigations at hundreds of petroleum and hazardous waste sites throughout the Southeast with an emphasis in Florida. He has extensive experience in brownfield and other property redevelopment projects including leading environmental assessments for commercial property transactions and management of construction and remediation projects. John is the founder and leader of Cameron-Cole’s Pensacola branch operations and manages Pensacola’s financial and personnel operations

John earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Spring Hill College and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry as well as an M.B.A. from the University of West Florida.

Operating with significant environmental liabilities and risks presents a constant potential for complications to arise. Don't let these dilemmas hinder your organization. Cameron-Cole's environmental experts are trained to craft solutions that reduce your risks while keeping your projects on track.