FCS and Cameron-Cole Share PFAS Expertise at AEP CA State Conference

Environmental firms team up to discuss pending regulations, remediation strategies, risk management, and more.

PFAS—often called “forever chemicals” due to how slowly they break down over time—are increasingly found in the air, soil, water, and humans. The most recent studies on human health effects have led the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to propose PFAS standards for drinking water that are especially stringent at the parts per trillion level. Litigation risk appears to be growing in step with increasing regulation.

Cameron-Cole and FCS’s panel discussion, PFAS: How to Navigate this 21st Century Challenge, will be held Tuesday, April 25, and will discuss the history and future of PFAS, including new regulatory standards and associated liability under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Additionally, panelists will discuss the risk management processes, remediation strategies, and potential funding sources to support organizations facing PFAS risk and regulatory challenges.

“With the latest EPA ruling, regulators will soon require greater PFAS testing frequency in drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, soil, and groundwater sites,” says Liza Debies, FCS Environmental Services Project Manager and panel moderator. “It’s critical to understand this rapidly evolving landscape, and this panel will provide resources intended to help our audience make better-informed decisions.”

Joining Debies on the panel will be Mike Stephenson, Principal Scientist and Western Regional Manager for Cameron-Cole; Rob Fagerness, Senior Engineer with FCS; and Brian Myller, President and Chief Hydrogeologist of ADEC Innovations Professional Services.


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