GHG Verification & Carbon Management

Managing your organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is crucial as the world transitions to a carbon free future. Our specialists provide you with the guidance and tools to succeed in a low-carbon economy.


With a combined 40 years of emissions verification experience, Cameron-Cole is an Air Resources Board-accredited verification body for a number of California programs and has conducted more than 500 GHG verifications.

Whether your organization is required to report emissions through reporting mandates, or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, Cameron-Cole ensures adherence to accounting principles and emissions calculation methodologies. Data is your organization’s key to precise carbon management that will unlock your journey to sustainable business operations.

We help you: 

  • Perform carbon footprint analysis
  • Prepare carbon strategy development
  • Execute GHG implementation and data collection support
  • Prepare GHG inventory and management plans
  • Prepare GHG action plans and reductions
  • Develop carbon offset projects
  • Perform independent third-party GHG verification
  • Manage corporate strategy development and operation
  • Perform ESG metrics management
  • Execute corporate disclosure and reporting

We are fully committed to impartiality in the provision of all of our services. Notably, where we are rendering judgment in greenhouse gas third-party verifications, impartiality is paramount to the trustworthiness of information stakeholders need for decision-making. We recognize the importance of impartiality to our company’s reputation, and the value we bring to our clients. Access our full Impartiality and Conflict Management policy here. In addition, we would like to provide information pertaining to procedures for the complaints and appeals process here.

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