Permitting and Compliance

We provide permitting and compliance assistance through a streamlined process that will expedite the progress of your projects.


The environmental landscape is constantly changing.

With comprehensive regulations set in place from both state and federal entities, it is vital for your organization to obtain the necessary permits to kickstart your operations. Our experienced consultants are familiar with the documents you need in order to execute your project to its full potential.

We help you: 

  • Perform RCRA Part A/Part B applications, modifications, renewals
  • Certify CAA Title V, minor source permits
  • Certify NPDES and stormwater permits
  • Regulate RCRA operating standards (generators, transporters, TSDFs) and air requirements (subparts AA-DD)
  • Perform CAA compliance demonstrations, certification preparation, NESHAP/MACT requirements
  • Execute inspection and monitoring programs
  • Perform cross-program compliance auditing
  • Conduct recordkeeping reviews, and record system development and management
  • Conduct EPCRA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports, Tier II reports, HAZCHEM notifications
  • Prepare CAA Title V compliance certification reports, NESHAP/MACT and minor source reporting
  • Calculate emissions inventories
  • Prepare CWA Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), POTW pre-treatment reports
  • Prepare RCRA biennial reports
  • Execute RCRA closure/postclosure plans, closure cost estimates, contingency plans, and emergency procedures
  • Prepare SPCC plans
  • Design CAA risk management plans
  • Prepare EPCRA emergency planning
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