Technical Litigation Support

Applying an accomplished environmental skillset to your legal efforts is critical to effective resolutions.


Our team has played key roles in providing witness affidavits, depositions, and testimonies on behalf of private and public parties.

Our in-house litigation specialists prepare strategic action plans that deliver results in both state and federal courts regarding the most intricate environmental cases.

We help you: 

  • Determine natural resource damage
  • Recover costs
  • Determine liability allocation
  • Interpret environmental conditions for specific case parameters
  • Develop strategic action plans for a focused, cost-effective litigation support program
  • Perform project management by directing defensible, litigation-quality, data collection projects and engineering analysis
  • Prepare litigation proceeding support
  • Prepare expert witnesses
  • Prepare line of questioning for depositions
  • Prepare cross-examination of opposing experts
  • Prepare illustrative exhibits


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