Waste Management

The challenge of waste management presents itself in the operation of landfills and other permitted treatment and storage facilities under strict protocols. Our experts have singular experience providing top-tier waste management consulting services to help you meet standards as well as the business objectives of the permit holder.


Our waste management consulting team provides the highest standard of regulatory compliance services.

This includes monitoring well sampling and reporting, monitoring well installation, assessment and remediation of exceedances, writing cost-effective sampling and reporting permit conditions, advanced statistical evaluation of sampling results, air monitoring, greenhouse gas emission monitoring, third-party environmental compliance audits, due diligence investigations, and more.

We help you: 

  • Obtain state and federal permits to develop cost-effective monitoring protocols for compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Prepare closure/post closure plans and cost estimates
  • Conduct hydrogeologic, geophysics, and wetlands investigations to support siting and permitting efforts
  • Prepare Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Manage critical facility data using our advanced data management system, now in its 4th generation
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