PFAS Assessment, Compliance, and Litigation Support Services

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PFAS Assessment, Compliance, and Litigation Support Services

In 2020, Cameron-Cole began providing technical support, compliance, and regulatory assistance, as well as litigation support involving per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) for several clients located in Florida. To aid in the assessment and risk-evaluation efforts of these substances, Cameron-Cole participates in focused group discussions with regulatory agencies regarding upcoming policy decisions affecting our clients’ potential liabilities regarding these substances. 

In an effort to proactively address PFAS in the environment, Cameron-Cole conducts tests and evaluates potential sources of PFAS affecting soil and groundwater. Through phased efforts, our experts determine the lateral and vertical extent of these substances within soil and groundwater and use the data to determine potential pathways of exposure to PFAS. As part of these response actions to state regulatory requests, Cameron-Cole is determining the potential risk of PFAS exposure to local consumers of groundwater. Further, Cameron-Cole also provides regulatory guidance on storage, disposal, and use of these substances. As part of providing litigation support services to several plaintiffs involved in PFAS product-liability lawsuits being handled by the PFAS Multi-District Litigation docket in Federal Court, Cameron-Cole has provided fate and transport modeling, Plaintiff Fact Sheet advising, technical expert, and preliminary risk evaluation services to law firms and plaintiffs.