Statistical Approach in Groundwater Contamination Case



Southeastern U.S.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)




Statistical Approach in Groundwater Contamination Case

Cameron-Cole utilized an innovative Monte Carlo statistical approach for certain input parameters as part of a groundwater contamination litigation defense on behalf of a client. Litigation arose from a class-action trespass claim involving a plume of contaminated groundwater migrating beneath multiple properties.

Cameron-Cole experts were tasked with explaining the path of the plume from the source to the properties. Instead of using a customary approach that would take the most favorable outcome and backing into it with select data, Cameron-Cole utilized a more computationally challenging approach, using all available data to create a powerful representation.

This method allowed experts to simulate thousands of scenarios and overlay the results to create a representation of the probabilities or uncertainties, undercutting the opposing experts’ approach of selecting the individual results that best supported their case. By giving thorough and complete input assumptions in the containment flow model, Cameron-Cole was able to view possible scenarios through a much wider lens, which led to an acceptable settlement in favor of our client based on our unbiased interpretation of the facts.