Waste Management Organization Targets Key GHG Data Initiatives with Cameron-Cole

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Waste Management Organization Targets Key GHG Data Initiatives with Cameron-Cole

As one of the country’s largest waste management companies, this waste management organization sets rigorous sustainability targets that reflect their commitments to minimizing environmental impacts, expanding positive community impacts, and maintaining strong financial health. To be a sustainability leader, this organization integrates ESG values into business operations in a way that is both focused and future-proofed, and requires quality data and consistent data management.

For the past 15 years, Cameron-Cole, an ADEC Innovation, has been assisting this organization with the design and development of its greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory.  We helped define the organizational boundaries of the inventory, document all direct and indirect sources within their boundary, and develop a de minimis emissions strategy. Inventory work includes assisting with data collection and management, advising them on the most advantageous calculation methodologies, reporting, and maintaining an Inventory Management Plan. Cameron-Cole has also assisted with mandatory state and federal level GHG reporting.

As part of their annual inventory development process, Cameron-Cole provided a data collection spreadsheet tutorial, and prepares and delivers training sessions to the staff on reporting requirements for The Climate Registry’s (TCR) reporting protocol, data management, and verification lessons learned. As a Founding Member of TCR and an approved verification body and technical assistance provider for TCR members, Cameron-Cole is well-positioned to support this organization with its TCR reporting and verification.