How Municipalities Can Navigate PFAS in an Evolving Environment

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are pernicious chemicals found virtually everywhere: in our air, our water, our soil, and even our bodies. While the full impact of PFAS in our environment is not yet clear and there is still much to uncover about these chemicals, the EPA has proposed designating certain PFAS chemicals as hazardous substances.

This means many jurisdictions may soon find themselves in a challenging compliance environment that strains local finances and, in some cases, reduces access to already constrained water supplies.

In this webinar, PFAS experts from FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) and Cameron-Cole, both ADEC Innovations companies, discuss this complicated regulatory landscape and offer guidance in seeking informed solutions for your municipality.

We discuss topics such as:

  • An overview of PFAS
  • New proposed PFAS standards
  • Remediation strategies
  • Funding sources
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • And more!


Image How Municipalities Can Navigate PFAS in an Evolving Environment

Operating with significant environmental liabilities and risks presents a constant potential for complications to arise. Don't let these dilemmas hinder your organization. Cameron-Cole's environmental experts are trained to craft solutions that reduce your risks while keeping your projects on track.